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Art and DT

Our curriculum is at the heart of our school and is carefully designed to support the learning journey of the whole child and enable them to achieve success.

We want no day to be ordinary and strive to put the colour into each and every day

During art sessions, children have the opportunity to observe, discuss and create, there is also time for them to evaluate their own and other pupils’ work.  Lessons are structured around the children’s half-termly IPC topic and reflect and build upon what they are learning in their other lessons. Children create individually, in partners and collaboratively and they sculpt, collage, draw - using a wide range of media - or paint with poster paints, watercolours, acrylics, fabric paints and for some topics we even make our own paint from natural resources!

All year groups participate in at least three DT projects per year.  This includes a sewing project, a modelling project and a food technology project. Part of the DT process is to plan in detail, create and then carefully evaluate. Children are taught these valuable skills from Year 1 onwards.

We plan activities linked to the topics in the International Primary Curriculum.