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Year 2

Autumn 1 - From A to B

The letters ‘A’ and ‘B’ can be used to mean anything we like. Often, we use 'from A to B' to talk about travel from one place to another. Think about all the different places you travel. In this unit we will be learning about the different types of journeys we can make, across land, sea and air. In order to do this, we will need to be geographers, historians and engineers. How we travel is constantly changing, so what does the future hold for travel and journeys?




Autumn 2 - The stories people tell

In The Stories People Tell, we will be learning about how we can become better storytellers by studying great tales from the past, such as myths and legends. In order to do this, we will need to take on the role of historians, geographers and artists.

What story would you like to share with others – and how would you do it?  


Spring - Buildings

In Buildings, we will be learning all about the different structures we see in towns and cities around the world. We will explore our locality to look at old and new buildings and use this as inspiration for Art.  As geographers, we will be learning about how houses and structures differ from country to country and the purposes they serve. As engineers, we will be exploring the Science behind the construction of structures throughmaking models and testing materials. What is your home like? How is it similar and different to other homes around the world?


Summer 1 - The Magic Toy Maker

In The Magic Toymaker, we will be learning all about the world of toys and the role that they play in entertaining us, educating us, and stimulating our imagination. As historians, we will be finding out about the ways in which toys have changed over time; as scientists, we will be exploring the various materials that toys are made of; as designers, we will be learning about the different stages of the toy-making process and creating our own board games; and as programmers, we will be covering the basics of computer game coding. Toys come in many shapes and sizes, but what is it that makes a great toy? 

Summer 2 - People from the Past

In People of the Past, we will be learning about a variety of significant people who left a lasting impact on humanity through their hard work, resilience and creativity. As historians, we will investigate the lives of several influential figures to find out about the personal qualities that enabled them to shape the world as we know it. As musicians and artists, we will be producing pieces inspired by the lives and works of famous composers and painters, thereby exploring the elements that made their creations so ground-breaking. Throughout the unit, learners should be encouraged to reflect: How are our lives different thanks to the work of these significant people?