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Assessment, Monitoring and Reporting

The robust approach to assessment, reporting and monitoring is encompassed in The South Norwood Development Planning Cycle. The Assessment Policy provides the rationale and brings clarity to the purpose and importance of assessment as the driver of pupil progress and the measure of effective teaching and learning;

Intervention programmes

Intervention programmes are frequently put in place to support or extend learning for children with particular aptitude or experiencing difficulty in making progress towards their targets.  The assessment data for children attending these groups is recorded as an entry level. This will include Booster Classes and setting arrangements.

Target Setting with Pupils

Each year group works with a corresponding band (ie Year one work on band one) Each child has their band stuck into their subject book and current targets are highlighted yellow. Once the child has achieved the target, the target is then highlighted green and signed off by the class teacher.

Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) for Year 6

Children in year six take part in the KS2 SATs for reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation and maths during a specific week in May. These tests are marked externally and the results reported to the school and LA. 

Reporting and Communication with parents/carers

Reporting and partnership with parents is crucial to success for the child. Each parent/carer will have three formal opportunities each year to meet their child’s teacher to discuss their progress and attainment.


This will be a ten minute evening interview in the Autumn Term, designed to allow the teacher and parent/carer to share any concerns or anxieties they may have regarding their child’s new class. Initial impressions will be shared and points to help the development of the child discussed.


In this meeting parents are able to meet the teacher and look through their child’s books and work samples.


We have an informal open evening where parents can discuss the recently written reports and look at books. 


At the end of the summer term each teacher for each pupil will publish a formal report. This report will have full written sections on general attributes and successes, English, Mathematics, Science and computing. Attendance data and the other National Curriculum subjects will also be reported. Assessment data recorded, giving teacher assessment for Reading, Writing, Maths, Science and computing. Parents will be clear on the progress made through the termly meetings and tracking the individual targets and any intervention programmes for their child.